You may not be familiar with the name of the production team Bloodshy & Avant but I’m sure you’ve heard a many of the songs they’ve produced. A little background history first then we shall get to the goodies. They are swedish which instantly makes them amazing. Their real names are Christian Karlsson (Bloodshy) & Pontus Winnberg (Avant). Their earliest recognized work began with Christina Milian’s hit “AM to PM” (2002) which is pretty amazing but their worldwide popularity began with Lady Spears and her huge hit “Toxic” (2003). They continued to work with Britney throughout 2004 & 2005 producing “My Prerogative”, “Do Somethin”, and “Chaotic.” Their shining moment in 2005 though was their work on Madonna’s dancing queen album, Confessions On A Dancefloor scoring two tracks on the LP, “How High” & “Like It Or Not.”

Fast forward to 2007 and this is where the magic really begins. Kylie Minogue released her tenth album X and they produced four songs from the record, “Nu-Di-Ty” being my favorite. It’s electro-grittiness and voice changes make the song not only sexy but very innovative. But I believe that their highest point was with Blackout. I really don’t even need to mention the artists name, do i? They produced a good chunk of BritBrit’s 6th studio album and created a new sound for the pop princess. This is when it became completely clear to me that their best work was with Britney. “Piece Of Me”, “Freakshow”, “Toy Soldier”, “Radar”… They’re all amazing and unforgettable pop songs. And do you hear the subtle dub-step in “Freakshow”? Just saying.

They produced other minor records for people but never really did anything intense until Circus in which they produced the most amazing-epic-awesome-dark-sad-but-happy mid-tempo song “Unusual You.” I can’t express anymore how amazing this song is and how it should have been a worldwide single. In 2009 they formed their own group Miike Snow. They produced the songs and singer-songwriter Andrew Wyatt (Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, etc.) sang the tracks. Their self-titled album is easily one of my favorite albums ever. Its indie-electronic if you want to put a genre label on it but it’s just so amazing because it has this soul and emotion in it and just seems like something that they put their heart into. It definitely shows their versatility as producers.

They are now in the midst of they’re latest material being release. One being the up and comer Sky Ferreira and the other being Ms. Spears herself. As many Britney fans have heard earlier today or last night, Dr. Luke released another teaser from the Femme Fatale album in which these two guys produced called “How I Roll.” The short clip has everything you love in a B&A production. It’s not much to work with but I’m sure it will be nothing short of BRILLIANT.

Their production is always stellar. They are constantly evolving as producers and keep their sound innovative and fresh. Anyways enough with my rant. Hope you enjoy the goodies below. They’re greaaaaat.

Sky Ferreira - Elevator

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me (Boz O Lo Remix)

Miike Snow - Burial

Britney Spears - Radar (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)

Kylie Minogue - Cherry Bomb

Feb 24 -
Bloodshy & Avant

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